We arrange for the Vatican Exhibit of Eucharistic Miracles to travel the U.S. and internationally. Though located in southeast Michigan, we can work with diverse and distant venues–even non-Catholic ones! Might your parish or church group be interested in hosting an event? Please get in touch:

By phone:

Sarah Zydeck (734) 658-4704
Margy Nagel (586) 779-0306


By email:


We are not financially or legally tied to another group that does similar work: The Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association. But neither are we in competition with them. Whereas we just circulate the exhibition, through them you can obtain many of the same materials in media perhaps more to your vision or interest. For example, they have more “follow up” information and links on their website; they can supply a CD of images; and  they have even printed the panels of the traveling exhibit in the form of a book you can purchase on Amazon. Please visit their site to see what they have–and while you are at it, say a prayer  that both our ministries succeed in increasing the enthusiasm people feel when they realize what we are talking about is REAL!

Read about the founding of this ministry, by the Venerable Carlo Acutis, here , here , and here.